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Heavy Hitter 420 Primary O-Ring Chain Conversion Kit


The Heavy Hitter Primary Drive Conversion Kit was designed for those wide-open throttle riders that just keep snapping belts and also riders that run high KW power on their bike. 

Why the Heavy Hitter kit is the best? Replacing a belt drive with a chain drive will lower the bike's efficiency, which in turn affects power delivery. Chain drives are stronger, just not as efficient. Heavy Hitter's goal with this chain drive is to give you maximum performance by providing the lightest kit on the market! 

The primary chain drive sprockets are machined from 7075 T6 billet aluminum and have been put through the hardening process with the anodized black finish. This kit comes with a high-quality o-ring chain to offer the longest lifespan. If you want your primary drive to perform even better you can use a standard non-o-ring chain, however, the lifespan of non-o-ring chains will be shorter. The provided o-ring chain is equipped with a master link, facilitating straightforward replacement without necessitating the disassembly of the swing arm.

NOTE: This conversion kit maintains your bike's original gear ratio.


  • Machined 7075 T6 billet aluminum sprockets
  • Lightweight and long-term durability
  • Gold 42 link O-ring chain W/master link included 
  • Best efficiency-rated chain drive on the market