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Heavy Hitter Mod-X Billet Subframe

SKU SQ8224345

🚚 Ships within 7-8 weeks

Heavy Hitter is a team full of hardcore off-road enthusiasts, some of which are also previous stunt riders. The weak stock subframes have already been tweaked by a few of our team members in recent adventures, so an upgrade was needed.

Introducing the Heavy Hitter Mod-X Billet Subframe, Made for the all-round rider! This subframe can adapt to any riding style and give you added strength in all disciplines. 

Stunt goons can slide on the 12 bar/step plate combo and get to Scrape City. Another 2 bolts and you now have side pegs for double back peggers, Ralph Louie's, or whatever combination your heart desires. 

Moto Guys often want a full-size seat. Well, that option is here, you can now bolt on a KTM Freeride Seat and still have toolless access for battery swaps. Plus the added comfort and ability to slide to the front in those fast high lean angle turns. 

The craziest part of it all is the stock battery latch, and the seat can still be bolted on for the guys who want a more sturdy upgrade but retain their other OEM or upgraded parts. 


  • Subframe for OEM Seat
  • Ktm Freeride seat mounting kit
  • 12 bar and step plate
  • Peg drop brackets and pegs 
  • All Mounting hardware

Additional Parts Needed for Moto Seat Install: 

  • KTM Seat Latch: 70007039000
  • KTM FreeRide Seat: 70007040100 KTM High Seat, or  70007040000 KTM Low Seat


  • Strong Modular billet subframe for ease of replacing parts
  • Slot and groove fitment of main component's for perfect alignment and ease of assembly
  • Billet 6061 T4 aluminum
  • Quick install 12 bar/step plate combo
  • 12 Bar has a standard 1.125" center-to-center bolt pattern for titanium install
  • Retains ability to bolt on OEM Seat and battery latch
  • Ability to run KTM Freeride Seat and stunt parts for a unique look and performance gain
  • Lateral and horizontal bracing eliminate flex and the bike becomes more responsive to rider inputs of weight transfer
  • Stainless Steel hardware included