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The Fast Ace ALX13RC 2.0, is a highly versatile front fork suspension designed to fit a range of electric bikes. This model is specifically compatible with several popular e-bike models, including the Surron Light Bee X, Segway X160 and X260, Eride Pro S and SS, Talaria XXX, Sting, and Sting R.

Key features of the Fast Ace ALX13RC 2.0 include a robust inner design made from high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy, and a hydraulic damping system housed in the right tube. This system effectively suppresses vibrations and impacts from various terrains, enhancing rider comfort and bike stability. The fork’s left tube incorporates a high-strength alloy steel spring design, which not only reduces weight but also supports the rider’s weight more efficiently than conventional springs.

The fork is adaptable for various useS. It’s designed for fast downhill bikes, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking a blend of performance and durability. Its legs are made from 2000 Series Aluminium with a diameter of 37mm, and it also features adjustable compression damping and rebound damping.

These features combine to offer a front fork that is e-bike compatible and suitable for a range of riding experiences, from mountain biking to more advanced terrain. The ALX13RC 2.0 enhances the performance of the compatible e-bikes by offering improved stability, control, and comfort during rides.