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Heavy Hitter Ultra Bee F/R Brake Rotor Upgrade

SKU SQ625868

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Introducing the Heavy Hitter Ultra Bee Rotor for your front or rear wheel

Are you ready to take your Sur-Ron Ultra Bee to the next level of performance and safety? Look no further than our Upgraded Brake Rotor, designed to elevate your riding experience with unrivaled stopping power and precision.

Elevate your Sur-Ron Ultra Bee's braking performance to new heights with the Heavy Hitter Ultra Bee Rotor. Whether you're a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a city rider, this upgrade will give you the confidence to tackle any terrain while ensuring your safety on the road. Don't settle for average braking performance—experience the difference today! Upgrade your Sur-Ron Ultra Bee and ride with confidence.


  • Engineered to provide superior stopping power
  • Stainless steel rotor design for improved longevity and strength
  • enhanced heat dissipation design prevents overheating during intense braking, reducing the risk of brake fade
  • adds a touch of style to your Sur-Ron Ultra Bee matching the Heavy Hitter Sprocket cuts